Friday, December 18, 2009

I wanna be rich...First round update.

I'm self-willed, I do things that I believe in and I am always passionate abt things that I do- not necessariy in those order..So when i decide on things, I never hv any problem with confidence. It's a good thing actually and it is very important to be confident with whtever u do, but to be over confident? now that is another story. 2007 is the year I want to be get there (and on this occasion), there are 3 stages that I have to go thru' (so as not to langgar bendul..)..First : Majlis bandaraya Melaka, and then the Exco Pelancongan Negeri, after that the Chief Minister himself.

So when I met and presented my proposal to the people from Majlis Bandaraya Melaka...I was brimming with confidence...that I will be the next rich guy on the block.. After all, I have put in so much into this and I believe I have the best to offer. Well, I was wrong.. tho they said it was good, I failed to ignite or bring up their excitement to the level of begging me to proceed with whtever I'm proposing... Actually I assume too much w/o realising that that was the first time they ever heard of it...

My next stop : Exco Pelancongan Melaka..I'l be better prepared this time. No more assumptions..I'l work on their digestion...before the real moment of truth..


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