Friday, December 18, 2009

Madonna is calling me...

" I never knew what real happiness was until I got married. And by then it was too late" - Mark Kauffman.

Somehow ..I got into this conversation with a friend about marriage and happiness. Is there really a relationship between the two..? that to be happy one has got to get married..

Hmm...I agree for some physiological reason, married is better than being single (because researchers discovered that those who never married are more likely to die first than those who married.. o O O mandai je dorang nih) but to link happiness to marriage..?

What is the relationship between happiness and marital status..? I had been in one..and yes, it was fantastic for the first few years, but I cant really say much for the years that followed. I'm not saying I was unhappy..I love her, but you know...the spark and the glint and the splash..they dont stay for long...and that's just the way things go- they just become normal after sometimes. And actually errr...a normal thing, something that every married couples will have to get used to...eventually. The only problem is..people dont usually get married wanting to be just normal...there have expectations, and they expect their life to be a notch or two up after they got least emotionally. I dont really want to go into expectationn now....

So where was I..? owh..happiness and marital status.... I think marriage brings you unbelievable happiness in the beginning, but after that when things started to become normal..the waning begins..

I dont know..but i believe happiness is a stand alone thing - you can find happiness, married or otherwise..before they become normal again..

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