Friday, December 18, 2009

Procrastination excuse....

Like I said, I never pretend to know all the answers about relationship, about happiness but sometimes ago, I did drop everything and run away to Melaka to see new things? meet new people, get recharged - in a completely new environment. I just wanted to let go of my past, for a new beginning - a very easy, very realistic new beginning. And for a while I did see new things..and I see things more clearly. Problem is, the more I see things, the harder are the knocks on my door - from my past.And it's a huge deal of pressure. No, I'm not talking abt my x, she's great and we are great...separately.
I thought i have found happiness here in Melaka, and I thought I have found myself too, but no matter how much I love Melaka...this life I'm having is suddenly not my kind life, yeah suddenly.
There's more that I want...and there's more out there. And so here I go again... chasing happiness. I dont really know what that is...but I'm chasing anyway.
And I'm pretty sure when I finally get there..there'll be more and more and more..and I'll be chasing again. But here's the real problem...I love it.

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