Friday, December 18, 2009

The legend of Tembiuh....

Once upon a time..(err no date or period given..), in the village of Tembiuh, Kota Tinggi, Johor, there lived a lady named Siti. To some people, she was Siti Jalang (Siti the Slut), a notorious lady who married 99 men. Each died on the first nite.
The 100th husband however, was an orang pandai ilmu. On the first nite, while she was asleep, he discovered a scorpion coming out of her body. He killed the scorpion leading to Siti's death.
Today, Siti's grave is still in Tembiuh....(it better be..), now enclosed by a sawmill. Some say Tembiuh is scorpion territory, and the people of Tembiuh believes Siti has something to do with that phenomenon - scorpion territory.
I read this story in one of the NST column, a few days ago, written by a guy..
For me..she must have been one hell of a beauty queen , for despite the fact that many men lost their lives on the first nite, many more kept knocking on her door. 100 men all in all..
So was she really notorious..? The people of Tembiuh thought so. It's an enigma that no one said anything about the 100 men, except that 99 of them died.
Remember the old sayings..'kalau kail panjang sejengkal, jangan diduga laut yang dalam'. Well...those 99 men..? their kail.. panjang sejengkal, so why blame the sea and the fish..Why blamed Siti.
I'm sure, except for the first few guys, the rest of the 99 men knew exactly what they were into. Personally I think, this is a story about men- about their passion, their quest, their mission and not forgetting their weaknesses to things of beauty. Blame me, and to tell you the truth, I could have been the 1st or the 2nd or the 3rd man on that Tembiuh list.. but no, you wont find me listed as no. 5, or no.10, or no.28, or 76, what more way Hose, m not that dead crazy....
So u ladies, beware of men...all men. or is it the other way round..

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